Hints and tips

  • At the ATM

    • Changing your PIN

      It is free to change your PIN in the UK. So if you need to change it, please do so before you travel, as there are no facilities to do it abroad.
    • Checking your balance

      With Seasons you can easily check your balance at certain ATMs abroad for a small charge. The best way of checking your balance is to download our mobile app and use in a free Wi-Fi area. If you sign up for our SMS services, your balance will be displayed each time you receive a text message.
    • Limit the amount of times you withdraw

      To get the best out of your Seasons card, the rule of thumb is to limit the number of times you withdraw at the ATM and make sure the amount you withdraw is equivalent to £100 or more. Please be aware that the ATM owner may charge you a fee. This is not Seasons charging you and unfortunately is beyond our control. Some banks will normally let you know of this charge before letting you continue with your withdrawal.
  • Paying for goods and services

    • Don't pay in sterling

      When paying for goods and services or using the ATMs you may be given the opportunity to pay or withdraw in sterling. Always use the local currency. If you pay in sterling the retailer converts your payment at their exchange rate which will be less advantageous to you. Always check the screen and ask to change if the amount is shown in pounds.
  • Using your mobile phone abroad

    • Using your mobile abroad can be an easy and frustrating way to drum up a huge bill. The main culprit is the cost of data usage. Simple everyday things that you would normally do like uploading a photo to Facebook or looking at a webpage could really make you pay. To help save your money, we’ve compiled a basic checklist to help keep your bill to a minimum and to avoid any nasty surprises.
    • Heavy users can take advantage of switching SIM card

      If you can’t survive without internet and application access whenever you need it, buy a local Sim card or international data roaming pack to make savings.
    • Check your mobile charges and get a roaming add-on

      A good idea is to contact your provider and see what roaming add-on bundles would be best for you. Remember, if you use this option, steer clear of YouTube and streaming music and video, and try to stick to basic email and internet browsing. Recently, some providers are even looking at using UK allowances in selected countries at no extra charge.
    • Turn off data roaming and voice mail

      This includes push notifications from downloaded apps, automated updates and location services. If you need any help, please contact your provider.
    • Take advantage of free Wi-Fi

      You can find complementary Wi-Fi in most hotels, restaurants, etc. Restrict your web browsing and app usage to these hot spots. Take advantage of the Seasons mobile app to check your balance; and other apps such as Skype and Viper which offer free/low rate phone and video calls and texting.
  • And when you get back home

    • A flexible travel card that you can use at home

      Seasons is not just for trips away from home. Why not use Seasons for your day to day spending and banking needs, helping you to manage your important household bills, and keep on top of your finances without the worry of going overdrawn. Go to your account, then 'manage envelopes' and read our guide for more information.
    • What to do with your spare holiday money?

      With almost all other travel products, there is usually the pressure to spend everything you have before you return home to avoid expensive monthly fees or avoid changing your money back to sterling. But it’s no good paying sky-high fees to change it back. You can arrange to transfer any remaining balance to another account of your choice for free. Alternatively, simply use Seasons at home. It is more than just a travel card, with some great features and functionality.
  • Other things to be aware of

    • Take our useful contact guide with you

      When you apply for a Seasons card, you will automatically be given a card-size guide. This has all the key contact numbers you will need in case of emergency and other hints and tips. Don’t forget to take it with you.
    • Hotel, car and bike hire company deposits and other pre-authorisation transactions

      Whilst the Seasons card can be used in these circumstances, we need to let you know that your 'deposit' will be frozen on your account and you will be unable to access these funds for 7 days. Please use another card for these types of deposits.
    • 'Pay at Pump' petrol stations

      Seasons card will not be accepted at 'Pay at Pump' petrol stations (but is accepted when you pay at the kiosk).
* Seasons' FX rate converter is based on a spot rate similar to the Visa Europe exchange rate. The rate applied to each transaction will be the Visa Europe exchange rate inclusive of our fee (2% in Europe and 2.5% International) applied on the date Visa process your transaction, actual rates are available at http://www.visaeurope.com/en/cardholders/exchange_rates.aspx.


Your Seasons prepaid Visa card will be issued by Contis Financial Services Ltd who is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to issue e-money (Firm Reference Number: 900025) and is a member of Visa. Please note that Seasons prepaid card is an electronic money product and although it is a product regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, it is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. We ensure that any funds received by you are held in a segregated account so that in the unlikely event that Contis Financial Services Ltd becomes insolvent your funds will be protected against claims made by creditors.